CAR-icatures are custom caricatures of you and your car.  But we don't have to stop there.  Maybe you always pictured your cat driving or your horse or even your budgie. Well I say let them (within the safe confines of a piece of A4 paper of course)!  Or maybe cars just aren't your thing, but you love sailing, cycling, flying or steam trains.  All transport can be accommodated.

They make great gifts too!

To order please email me with a clear photograph of yourself (or pet), your car (or truck, boat,plane, etc.), and your postal address. 


     Prices and payment terms are as follows:

  • CAR-icature on A4 cartridge paper - £45

  • Other sizes available, prices vary.

  • 50% up front, the rest to be paid upon         completion.

  • Payment to be made by Paypal or               Cheques

  • Delivery normally takes 2 weeks

Any questions, get in touch!