Of Zebras & Fingerprints

When you hear the word "unique", what things begin floating around in your head? People? Snowflakes? Zebras? Fingerprints?

I'd have to say yes to all of the above. My thoughts tend to come in torrents, all crashing together in a giant wave of mental wash. I have to ask, are they connected somehow or just random ideas rolling into one another?

Let's start with people. We are all individuals. No two of us are alike. There are the physical differences; hair color, eye color, skin tone, facial structure, height, weight, gender, etc., etc., etc. But much, much deeper than that is this very essence of who we are. What makes me, me and you, you. Our likes and dislikes, hopes, dreams, talents, scars, failures and fears. What it is that makes us look out and see the world the way we do.

Like snowflakes, each formed to a unique design, so are we (Eph. 2:10). Every one of us has a distinctive quirkiness to bring to the world. When we live a life of surrender to God, we come into this place where God will reveal the depths of that gift we hold inside (Romans 12:1-21). And that is the safest, most beautiful and peaceful - perfectly peaceful - place to be. We become like that seed planted in good soil, watered and the Son shining on us. It's there that we blossom and bloom.

Have you ever dipped your finger in ink and pressed it on paper? If not, do it now. See all those stripes and swirls in black and white? What do they remind you of? A zebra maybe?

The patterns on a zebra's coat are as individual to him as the patterns on the tips of your fingers are to you. Pretty, cool huh?

I sculpt with polymer clay and, more often than not, my fingerprints are left permanently baked into the finished sculpture. Kind of a naturally occurring trademark. All of my art, like other artists, has a certain look to it that is identifiable. It's the way you can tell a Monet from a Van Gogh from a Picasso.

This is how we can connect the dots with the world around us. From people to snowflakes to zebras to fingerprints. It's possibly even how some people made the mistake that a primate was a distant cousin of ours. Because of the Master Artist's fingerprints on all of His creation and the certain look that is unique to His mighty works (Isa. 64:8).

His attention to detail, from the hairs of our head to our fingerprints (Matt. 10:30), testify to God's caring and compassionate nature. Oh and He cares, He cares for you! (1 Peter 5:7)

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